Who prevails in the existential fight for democracy will determine how we address climate change, war and income and social inequity. It’s evident that the guardrails of our societies are insufficient to the challenges facing us. We need a Plan B. We need a DEMOS Project.

Do you - like me - believe these things to be true?

  • One, we live in an Age of Abundance, where, for the first time we have the means to eradicate human suffering, want and need. 

  • Two, our world is in unprecedented danger. Too many issues that must be dealt with simultaneously, from climate change to an all-out assault on democracy itself. 

  • Three, we have years – not decades - to prevail.

  • Four, the root problem is a systemic, global leadership and institutional insufficiency.

  • Five, we can’t rely alone on current systems and structures to address this insufficiency. It’s time for big ideas. 

So join me as I explore the big ideas needed to inspire our generation to action – ideas offered by leading thinkers, doers and activists united by the understanding that we all share one very small and very fragile planet.

Core Assumptions
  1. We live in an Age of Abundance.

  2. There has NEVER been a better time to be alive.

  3. However, exponential advances in science and technology – and their impact on civil society - are creating a divide between those excited by the future and those who are afraid of it.

  4. The same technologies that promise to liberate humanity threaten to constrain it.

  5. The next 10-20 years marks an unprecedented pivot point for humanity, one path an ascent to a new Age of Wonder, the other to the evil of autocratic mediocrity.

  6. The nexus problem is an insufficiency of leadership that is systemic and global.

  7. Given the constraint of time and legacy issues, neither government nor the private sector alone has the mandate or resources to provide this solution. New ways must be found to assure transformational change.

  8. The meta solution is to connectempower and mobilize a new cohort of leader-creators that is purposefully prepared and supported to assume the mantle of leadership – to systemically and globally change the way leaders lead and thus transform the world by 2035.

  9. This existential challenge requires an exponential solution, a New Deal/Manhattan Project/Human Genome/Moonshot scale initiative – in turn comprised of a global ecology of systemic, local and domain-level efforts.

Core Values

We believe we are each held to be responsible for, and accountable to, ourselves and each other. Thus empowered, we are obligated to conduct ourselves to better enable a future where in spirit and practice:

  1. All persons are equal.

  2. There is no basis for discrimination, prejudice, or violence against any person.

  3. All persons have access to and enjoy the same voting rights.

  4. All persons are free to express themselves as they wish, without threat, harm, or other negative repercussions.

  5. All persons have the right to, and enjoyment of, personal security and property protection.

  6. All persons have access to and enjoy the same right to privacy.

  7. All persons have access to nutritious and affordable food, clean water and clean air.

  8. All persons have access to such learning as is necessary to realize one’s needs and desires, and to be an informed and engaged citizen.

  9. All persons have access to healthcare that provides for a long and well-lived life.

  10. All persons can pursue a livelihood that provides for a productive, accomplished, and rewarding life, lived with dignity.

  11. Those who cannot provide for themselves can access such means as allows for a life that is productive, accomplished and rewarding, and lived with dignity.

  12. The natural world, including species and eco-systems, is precious and fragile and demanding of protection.

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Bob Westrope
Podcaster, BOOM! We broke it, let's fix it. www.boombigideas.com