Sitemap - 2022 - BOOM! We broke it, let's fix it.

Rethinking War

It's time for Socapitalism

Are you willing to bet your life on the wisdom of the crowd? I'm not. It's time to try something new.

Darwin's not wrong. We just need to squeeze 100+ years of societal transformation into 10 years without killing ourselves. It IS possible. Here's how...

Pundits are the weatherpersons of our times.

Systems change is an existential must. That includes our national security institutions.

We don't have the time to fix the eroding guardrails of our democratic societies. We need new guardrails.

Steve Bannon: "the single most dangerous American who came our way..."

Calling Klaus Schwab

Chris Chopik: We need to rethink the value of our homes if we really want to address climate change.

#YESBUT: We need to talk. We MUST vote. Sometimes we need to protest. But all are fatal distractions if we don’t address the root causes NOW.

Beware a cornered Trump...

#yesbut: We need action, not grift, from our thought leaders...

Christian Kromme: The world needs a reset. Nature shows us the way.

Do you think the world needs a Plan B? Consider the DEMOS Project.

Wendy Orent: Pandemics are now a matter of choice. We CAN prevent the next one.

David Price: Unleashing the 'Power of Us'

Graeme Codrington: Making Work Wonderfull

Brian Karem: The media model is broken. But it can be fixed. Democracy is counting on it.

Nikola Danaylov: Humanity needs a new story

Is Vladimir Putin the 'Useful Idiot'​? If so, we all are.

Olga Lautman: Bad actors are attacking democracy using hybrid warfare. It’s time we fought back.

Hard truths. And still hope.

Judith Koke: Museums MUST become facilitators of social transformation, or risk becoming closets..

Stephen Hurley: To prepare our children for a new Age of Wonder, schools must become the public squares of our communities.

Mike Wittenstein: The global advertising industry is at the root of trust erosion. That must change for democracy to survive.

Focusing on focusing (alone) isn't working any more. It's time for Big Ideas!